Monday, August 24, 2009

For The NMGs

It was the ending of Tan Sri Lin See-Yan's article "Najib's New Way Forward" in yesterday's Sunday Star that caught my eye.

Tan Sri Lin was addressing the Newly Minted Graduates (what a nice term) or NMGs of Universiti Sains Malaysia which celebrated its 40th convocation last Wednesday and he concluded his article with a saying by Confucius.

As I end, I am reminded of the wisdom of the great Master Kung-Fu-Tzi (Confucius): “There are nine things which a new graduate should be mindful – to see clearly as he uses his eyes; to hear distinctly when he uses his ears; to be gracious in expression; to be respectful in demeanour; to be sincere in speech; to be serious in the execution of his duties; to seek advice when in doubt; to consider the consequences when he is angry; and to think of what is right and just when he is faced with advantage or gain.”

To these, I should add a 10th – to be ethical and act with utmost integrity when dealing with the enterprise and society in which he serves.

In my entire public life – as in private – I have insisted on these 10 things for myself. And now, as the NMGs and many others take up the challenges of Najib’s New Way, I wish them for you.

Former banker, Dr Lin is a Harvard educated economist and a British chartered scientist who now spends time promoting the public interest.
There would be great Malaysians in the making if any of the NMGs were to embrace the wisdom offered by Tan Sri Lin.

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