Monday, August 24, 2009

White Hair

We started talking about white hair after I saw a few stray ones on hubby.

For me, it's an inherited trait. Both my paternal aunts started to grey from a young age. My sister is more fortunate. She took after my mom who was blessed with nice black hair until she was very advanced in age.

Actually having white hair is not a problem if they all turn white at the same time.

Believe it or not, it can happen due to sudden or exteme shock,
in which case it'll only be a temporary phenomenon.

If the whole head of hair turns white you can still flaunt it. I remember my paternal grandmother looking good with a lovely head of soft cotton white hair.

The problem is a mixture of black and white hair. Neither here nor there.

Anyway, we began discussing various possible causes of white hair. Scientifically, white hair is caused by diminishing pigment in the hair follicles. But what causes the pigment to stop production?

I said it could be the result of stress. After all, if sudden or extreme shock can cause hair to turn white, can you imagine what daily doses of little shocks can do to the hair? That seemed a plausible explanation to me.

Or maybe lack of some vitamins or minerals in our diet.

Hubby, as usual, came up with a brilliant explanation. He said that we have white hair because we think too much. And how did he support his hypothesis?

Just take a look at...


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