Thursday, August 6, 2009

On The Day Itself

Woke up bright - it was actually still dark - and early yesterday to line up and purchase Amanah Saham 1Malaysia. Birthday celebrations got off on a good start with saving money for "lau lang pun" (literally "old people fund" in Hokkien).

Then Lillian gave me a Big Breakfast with Caramel Latte at Dome.

While I was having my hair done after lunch, I was told that I had a special delivery from Secret Recipe. Rushed to collect the birthday cake I've ordered for myself and rushed back to see my Secret Recipe birthday cake from persons unknown.

There was a cryptic message on the cake: Happy Birthday Eat and be Merry From Twins...Day Bee & Night Bee. Hmmm, I suppose I have to guess who my mysterious benefactors were from the clues given.

Twins = Look the same
Day & Night = One dark and the other fair
Bee = Names ending with bee like "chubby" or "choo-bee"

Aha! I know two persons who fit the above descriptions. Sent them "thank you" sms-es and the replies confirmed that I was right.

Thank you guys! You've made my day extra special.

The mystery cake

The staff and I really stuffed ourselves silly on the two cakes - the super delicious absolutely scrumptious White Chocolate Macadamia from Secret Recipe and my own special order of butter walnut cake covered with pretty-pink royal icing and decorated with piped flowers and silver balls.

The girls loved this cake

All that was at 4pm and by 7pm we were at E&O for our Chinese and Japanese Buffet.

The gang after the buffet.

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