Monday, August 10, 2009

SGGSEPA Annual Dinner 2009

SGGSEPA? What a mouthful!

SGGSEPA stands for St. Georges' Girls' School Ex-Pupils' Association and we had our Annual Dinner last Saturday, 8 August, at the City Bayview Hotel.

This year we had the biggest turn out - 5 tables - from the girls of Form Five 1973. That's my year and I managed to meet so many old friends. The faces are still the same but we had problems with names. Next time we must wear name tags.

Women in red, friends after 34 years with a lot of catching up to do

On the programme was a singing group comprising recent ex-St. Georgians. I felt that their performance that night was a bit lacklustre, lacking in their usual oomph.

Then we had a fashion show sponsored by De Santia Bridal House. They had qute a challenge fitting the over-40s and over-50s. We also had less choice of clothes due to our "ahem" fuller and well-endowed figures. Anyway it was a thrill to be a model at 53.

Some of the models for the grand finale.

Andrea, Petra's daughter, danced to Lady in Red before we had a game on all things red. By the way, the theme for the night was "Women In Red" 'cos our school colours are red and white.

Andrea, Lady in Red

After that we had a special performance by one of our ex-St. Georgian, Ramlah, who was one of the finalists in the Bintang RTM in days gone by. Boy, can she sing! She sang one Malay song and one English song "I Wanna Dance With Somebody."

Ramlah before the change of personality for the upbeat "I Wanna Dance WIth Somebody"

Her child was in hospital and in her rush she forgot to bring the CD for the English song she actually wanted to sing. Despite the song being a last minute replacement she belted it out so flawlessley with so much gusto that I felt like dancing too - but was too chicken to do so.

Since I was sitting beside the centre aisle, she held the mic out to me and I terus belted out two lines of the chorus with penuh semangat, with her kind prompting for the second line of course. Don't know how that sounded to the audience but I felt GOOD!

I propose we engage her to be the main entertainer for our annual dinner next year.

Then came the grand finale, Broadway-style. A stylish end to an enjoyable evening.

The girls have style!

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