Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shocking Pink Tootsies

Where nail polish is concern, I have always gone for the tried and tested, safe colours but yesterday I finally ventured out of my comfort zone.

Originally I had chosen a nice deep purple that I have used before but suddenly, in a capricious moment, I rashly decided on a shocking pink instead. It's a very youthful bimbo-ish colour but who cares? At least, I am not painting one nail one colour which seems to be the trend nowadays.

When the pedicurist painted the colour on one of the nails of my little toes - I always say my pedicurist should charge me less 'cos my little toe nails are really tiny and they only use up a teeny weeny bit of nail polish - I almost chickened out but then I thought, "Better that I indulge in this harmless bit of foolishness now than I do it when I am eighty."

And this is the result . . .

The colour doesn't look that garish after all
A closer look
Hehe, I went all the way and had some nail art done on the big toe nail as well. Nice?
 When I sent a photo of my newly done nails to 'Bee her shocked response was, "OMG! Why so JENG JENG? In case you don't know, "jeng jeng" is our description for something garish, to the extent of not being tasteful.

My reply was, "Hehe. 56 year old wearing 16 year old colours. Before it's too late."

She graciously replied, "Haha. I see I see."

I hope she understands 'cos I may have more spur-of-the-moment ridiculous antics up my sleeve.

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