Friday, March 1, 2013

I'm A Glam-Mother!

Friends have been asking me how life as a grandmother is like. I really don't know how to answer that question because I have not done any grandmotherly things other than buying my grandson clothes, socks, shoes and a bib!

Baby clothes are so cute. Just take a look at this...

or this.

Aren't they simply irresistible?

Okay! That's enough gushing over baby clothes.

The reason for my lack of opportunity to do any grandmotherly stuff is mainly because our times with our grandson are much too few and far between. Those precious moments are spent enjoying him, watching him, adoring him and trying to commit as much of him to memory as we possibly can. 

At our age there is only that much we can commit to memory and so I thank God for the iPhone. Hubby and I cannot take enough photos or videos of him. It sounds so silly but I review his photos and videos on a daily basis! People looking at me will see a crazy woman smiling and gazing adoringly at her phone but happy is the day and happy is the heart of this grandmother whenever I receive new updated photos or videos of our Grandson.

Photos and videos are really no substitute for having our little prince, our champ, our No. 1 (grandson that is; must qualify or my 'Bee will be offended that someone has usurped her position in my heart) with us but the photos and especially the videos, are better than nothing.

So what do I do since I am not tied down by by any grandmotherly duties? Why not be a Glam-Mother instead!

Believe it or not, these photos were taken the day my grandson was born!
On the day Grandson was born, which happened to be a Sunday, we visited 'Bee before we went to church. After church we were told that she was already in the delivery suite. No visitors were allowed so we went home and waited. 

When there was still no news in the late afternoon I decided to keep the appointment for a makeup and photoshoot session I had registered for. I was prepared to rush off half-way if necessary but Grandson took his time and so I managed to complete the whole session. 

Looks like I'm meant to be a Glam-Mother! But you know what, I would trade all the glamour for more time doing grandmotherly stuff with Grandson. He is growing up so fast. I hope he knows he has a Kung Kung and Por Por who love him very, very much even though we are not around to watch him grow. 

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