Saturday, March 16, 2013

Getting Careless

Lately my once-a-week maid is getting careless. First she almost burned a hole in my new CNY cheongsam. Thank God! She lifted the iron in time to prevent further damage.

Then I noticed that the sole-plate of my not-so-ordinary and not-so-cheap non-stick steam iron was stained with some unidentifiable brown streaks. I decided to observe her at work and saw her placing my steam iron on the metal iron rest.

I have already told her that she must stand the iron upright on the table because I don't want the metal iron rest to scratch the non-stick sole-plate. Cannot obey instructions.

Anyway, the sole-plate was not scratched but the heat from the iron caused the four rubber knobs on the iron rest (isn't that a stupid place to place a non-heat resistant material) to melt (slightly, not completely)and stain the iron's sole-plate.

Now I've to find a way to remove the streaks without damaging the non-stick surface of the sole-plate.

Maybe that's why some employers buy the cheapest and most basic iron, pots, pans, etc for their maids to use. They don't know how to appreciate the good things that make their life easier.

And as if all that is not bad enough, this week she destroyed Hubby's T-shirt. It's a free T-shirt given to him by a developer he worked with on an iPhone app; one-of-a-kind and he has only worn it once.

I must be extra vigilant. She seems to be on a destroying spree.

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