Friday, March 22, 2013

Lunch At Lunarich

Today was one of the few times when I had to go for lunch on my own so I invited Esther and Ee Pheng along. I was given the honour of choosing the venue for lunch because they know that I often do not get to be adventurous with meals when eating together with Hubby.

On our to Gurney Plaza, we passed Gurney Paragon and I was reminded of the lovely thin crust pizza I had with Baby Sis and Jewel. So we decided to go to Lunarich for lunch instead.

We ordered a Smoked Salmon Salad, a Piccante Di Salami pizza and Spaghetti Con Cozze e Pomodoro, spaghetti with mussel in tomato sauce.

Clockwise from left: Smoked Salmon Salad, spaghetti and pizza

The salad was very appetising and the thin crust pizza was as good as I remember it from my last visit. We shared everything, finished everything and left fully satisfied.

The next eatery I want to try at Paragon is either Ben's or Angus House. Now my mission is to persuade Hubby to go there.

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