Sunday, February 5, 2012

Three and A Half Men

MACC, the Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians, not the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, came to town. They were up for a two-night stint at the newly opened Penangpac, Penang's first performing arts centre, at Straits Quay from 3-4 February 2012.

Friday is cell group night so we bought tickets for Saturday night.

Our tickets

The title of the show was "Three and A Half Men." That's a bit strange because it featured 4 comedians. The half probably refers to the newbie Dr Jason although it might be misconstrued to mean something uncomplimentary. 

The poster
They kept us in stitches throughout the whole night but we really enjoyed Phoon Chi Ho's act most of all, especially the part where the cockroach becomes the basis for dances like the tango and the twist. And it was so hilarious to see how he used men's "salah parking" to explain the choreography of Michael Jackson's dance in the MTV Billie Jean.

I am glad that there is now a dedicated venue for performing arts in Penang and look forward to enjoying many shows without having to go all the way down to KL.


talkcock+tambah said...

HI! It's Chi Ho. Thanks for this and I'm glad you enjoyed the show. (Yes, I Googled myself.)

Melsong said...

Hi Chi Ho, thanks for dropping by my half-dead blog.

I hope you and the rest of the MACC will come up to Penang more often now that you know you have a group of fans here.

All the best and I look forward to your next show.

talkcock+tambah said...

Half-dead? Aww, don't be too hard on your blog. You should check out mine =/

MACC is definitely coming back every year! Also, I'll be acting in a play called Corporal PUNishment and we'll be rocking up Penang in 2-6 May.

Do let me know if you wanna come check it out. Hit me a message on my FB page -