Sunday, February 5, 2012

My First Plant

Today is a historic day. I planted my first plant.

This morning Bro. Fong gave me a few stalks of mint that are supposed to ward off lizards. He also told me that it is very easy to plant them from cuttings of the stem.

I decided to do so since I liked the smell of the plant and it is also supposed to be a good herbal cure for sore throat.

The plant is supposed to grow from all the nodes

By right, I should stick the stem into the soil but lying the stem down in this manner is a fail-safe way to avoid the danger of my planting the stem upside-down!

This way I also get more plants as each plant will grow from each node. I admit I am really kiasu but why end up with one plant when you can have more?

Let's see the progress of this plant 'cos I have a reputation of killing any plant that comes into my care. :-(

This is what my plant will look like when it grows up

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