Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pai Ch'neah from the Senior Pastor

I have been in Tabernacle of Praise for 33 years and yesterday was the first time that a Senior Pastor came to Pai Ch'neah us.

Clockwise from top left: The guys, the ladies (or beauties as Hubby calls us :-)). and the all of us.

After they had oohed and aahed over Hubby's marine tank and guppy pond we proceeded to enjoy the scones I made to mark this historic occasion. Pastor's elder daughter Elisa really loved the whipped cream so we let her take it home.

When I saw the way she ate the whipped cream on its own, it reminded me of my 'Bee. 
She used to eat whipped cream by the bowls.

Hubby also bought ice-cream 'cos the children were coming. He even shared the Lay's potato chips that 'Bee gave him with them. Josiah loved them.

This was also the first in a long time that we had guests and children in our home. On one hand, the children would be afraid of Princess trying to make friends with them.

Now there is no more Princess. 
It's been a year since her passing and I still miss her.

On the other hand, the children would be so excited when they saw the colourful fish in the marine tank that they would hit the glass and traumatize our fish.

We ended the evening watching the videos of 'Bee's wedding. Elisa loved the video so much that she applauded when it came to an end.

Pastor's wife Serena then mentioned that it is very important for couples to have a wedding video. Couples should regularly re-run the video and listen again to the vows and blessings of the parents to refresh their commitments to each other. More so when the marriage is going through a rough patch.

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