Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Peking Duck

Last week Hubby's friend who came back for CNY gave him a Peking Duck all the way from Beijing. We only ate it today because I could not find any Peking Duck Pancakes at TESCO and had to make them myself using Ken Hom's recipe.

Clockwise from top left corner: The dough resting, rolling the dough into odd shapes and sizes, pan-frying the pancakes, a stack of the cooked pancakes

The pancakes were lousy. Very tough. Maybe that's because they were cold when we ate them. I cooked the pancakes in the morning and we only ate them with the duck after lunch.

Anyway I'm definitely going to try another recipe if I ever have to make Peking Duck pancakes again.

Surprisingly the duck was delicious. I don't like duck so this is high praise. But we were a little disappointed that the duck's skin was not crispy. Isn't the skin supposed to be crispy?

Clockwise from top left corner: The duck with scallions, hoisin sauce and pancakes; the duck in its warpper, the duck out of its wrapper; just out of the microwave, a serving of the duck with scallions and hoisin sauce.

Enjoying the duck

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