Monday, May 2, 2011

Chinese Satay

In the past it used to be quite easy to find Chinese satay. I remember an old man with a push cart selling Chinese satay that used to come by our house when I was a little girl. Then I grew up and he also stopped selling at our neighborhood.

In the nineteen eighties hubby and I found another stall selling Chinese satay at the coffee shop at the corner of Kampong Malabar and Penang Road. But that coffee shop eventually closed down and is now an antique shop.

Through the years we have managed to stumble across a handful Chinese satay stalls but such occasions are few and far between. Taste-wise they are disappointment, nothing like the Chinese satay we were used to enjoy.

Many people have told us that authentic and the best Chinese satay can be found at Bangkok Lane. Somehow we've never bothered to check it out because parking is always a problem there. Then last Saturday I had an invitation from my brother-in-law to join him and sis for breakfast at Bangkok Lane.

When I arrived - late after parking at Plus Zone and walking over - I was overjoyed to find Chinese satay on the table.

Chinese satay made with lean pork and a slice of fat in the middle.
Special toasted bread that goes perfectly with the satay.

The creamy sweet potato sauce

I must go back for more.

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