Monday, May 9, 2011

Best Mother's Day Ever

'Bee was around to celebrate the day with me and on top of that we had a beautiful Mother's Day service yesterday.

It all began with the baby dedication of Chloe Tan. Alvin and Eunice could not have chosen a more suitable day to dedicate their baby but the thing that elevated this baby dedication to new heights was what Pastor Gideon did after he gave his charge to the parents.

He then turned to the congregation and requested that all those who wished to partner with the parents in the raising up of the child in the ways of God to stand up. We all rose to our feet and extended our hands as he led us in prayer for baby Chloe.

I was overcome by an awesome sense of community and I love it! I hope this standing together with the parents will continue to be a permanent fixture in all baby dedications.

The happy family with grandparents at the back

After two princes, the Tans finally have their Princess!

Then Pastor Gideon gave out flowers. First of all to his lovely wife to wish her "Happy Mother's Day" and then to the mom with the most number of children (6!) and the youngest grandmother who is only 48 years young!

Sis Sim Bin also received flowers. She deserves them for the many sacrificial hours she puts in at the church office.

Before his message Pastor Gideon gave husbands 5 tips on what NOT to buy their wives on Mother's Day. After the service I heard one husband telling his wife that she will not be getting her iPad2 'cos that comes under the something useful category!

After Pastor's simple but heart-warming message, Oliver sang "You Raise Me Up." The song brought many a tear to the moms gathered at the altar.

Normally we would expect Pastor to pray for the moms but he asked his wife to pray. At first I thought that it was not very appropriate since she herself is a mom and would covet prayers on Mother's Day. When she started praying I realized that it was a Spirit-led decision on Pastor Gideon's part. She accurately discerned the heart's cry of the women she was praying for. Not only did she pray for us, she also prayed with us.

The service concluded with the youth giving out gifts to the moms.

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