Sunday, May 22, 2011

US Visa Approved

We went down to KL for my US visa interview that was scheduled on Monday morning.

1st miracle. God provided us with free accommodation for two nights at Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur with breakfast and a dinner. Go here for full story on what impressed us most at the hotel.

2nd miracle. The hotel was only 15 minutes' walk away from the embassy.

3rd miracle. I dreaded the long wait for the interview so I was delighted to meet an old friend and his wife who were also at the embassy for their interview. We had a lovely time catching up while waiting for our interviews.

The interview was a breeze and, thank God, we weren't interviewed by the nasty ABC.


Milagros Kilduff said...

It was all worth the wait! By the way, how long did the whole process take before you finally got your U.S. visa? I hope it didn’t take you so long like what others have experienced. So, did you go to the US already?

-Milagros Kilduff

Melsong said...

It was very fast. I've been to the US and come back. I hope you enjoy your trip to the US as much as I did.