Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday With Sis

After attending the SGGSEPA Exco meeting, Sis and I decided to have early lunch at Amelie.

Amelie is a quaint little place located at Armenian Street

Interesting plant-holders adorned the walls beside our table

Orange Ginger for me and Orange Mint for Sis

We shared a Portobello Mushroom & Pesto Sandwich and...

...a Pesto with Sausage Pasta

A lot of stuff inside Amelie to take you down memory lane but menu choice is limited, which is usually the case with these small boutique eateries, and the owners are not friendly.

Next we had our hair done and then it's tea-time at Muntri Mews at (where else?) Muntri Street.

Muntri Mews sounds so "ye olde English"

Sis looking good with curls fresh from the hair stylist

Someone I knew mistook Sis for me (this is me)
when we walked into Mews Cafe

The view from where we were seated

We shared an Affogato and...

...a Pulut Mango served with coconut ice-cream. Yums!

Banyak sharing today. I like! Allows us to try out more food without bursting out of our clothes.

Lovely surprise! Kuih Ketayap on the house

Hmmm, we were taking many photos. Maybe they thought we were famous bloggers. Were they trying to butter us up?

Muntri Mews from outside

We resolve to do more "girly" Saturdays on a regular basis. Next time with 'bee and her future mother-in-law.

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