Saturday, April 30, 2011

Missing Them

Pam is getting married in 2 months' time and I really miss my mom's and my mother-in-law's counsel and guidance through the tricky waters of wedding tradition and customs.

Pam's wedding day would have been a happy day for her Ah Kong, Ah Ma, Kong Kong and Por Por. Especially for her Kong Kong and Por Por because she is the first of their grandchildren to get married.

I am sure Por Por would look resplendent in her kebaya but, knowing my dad, it would be a feat to get him to don anything more dressy than a batik shirt and long pants. Yet he had always been indulgent when it comes to Pam. Who knows, she may even coax him to wear a suit!

I am just glad that something belonging to Por Por shall make an appearance at the wedding dinner. It'll be the closest to having her there with us.

As for Ah Kong, Ah Ma and Kong Kong, they shall be rejoicing as they look down from heaven.

Received this box from my brother today.
It brings back a load of memories.

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