Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nyonya Laksa Party

Lillian held a laksa party on 11 March to say "thank you" to all those who made her birthday bash such a success, and also for the sake of those who missed the party.

One of her guests gave her a kebaya for her birthday and insisted that she has a nyonya themed party in order to feature the new kebaya. So some of us very sportingly dug out our kebayas and sarongs while the birthday girl creatively produced a nyonya birthday cake.

Tada! This is the nyonya birthday cake. The ladies loved
the tiny anthurium floating candles she used on her unusual cake.

Some of the guests who came in kebayas

Lovely fortune cookies from the birthday girl to thank her guests

Mom would be so pleased to see her daughters
and one grand-daughter in sarong kebaya.
Jewel is actually wearing one of mom's kebayas!

The special laksa Lillian ordered was so scrumptious it was gone by the time I thought of taking photos.

I am so greedy. I always forget to take photos because I am too busy polishing off the food.

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