Saturday, April 17, 2010

Eugene Loo & Serene Lee Wedding 17/04/10

This wonderful couple tied the knot today at Trinity Methodist Church.

This wedding was one of the few I've attended that managed to start on time. I had just turned into the car-park when I heard cars horning to herald the arrival of the bride. I wasn't late 'cos it was only 9.55am and the wedding was supposed to be at 10am. The bridal party minus the bride was already in position at the entrance so I had to bulldoze my way through them.

Page boy with flower girl

The ring-bearer

Flower girl no. 2

The bridesmaid

I love the open lace work and the long train on the wedding gown

The happy couple with TOPians in the background

It was a simple ceremony and even though the pastor was not a registrar of marriage, and they already had their marriage solemnized elsewhere, the couple signed the Church Wedding Certificate. I think we should have that at our church. It makes the ceremony much more meaningful for the couple and it also makes the marriage covenant doubly binding.

The pastor also informed the guests that there is an official photographer and that photography is only permitted from where we were seated. I think that's another good practice because there is nothing more annoying than having other people mess up a nice photo of the couple. Of course, the pastor was very diplomatic and the reason given was that the solemness of the occasion ought to be respected.

So that's the first wedding I've attended this year.

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