Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Visit to the Highlands

We had some family time up at Cameron Highlands over the weekend. We have not seen our babee since she left after the CNY break so this short vacation is really long overdue.

Our must-visit place every time we go up there

Must-have English Devonshire tea featuring yummy scones
served with butter, cream and strawberry jam

Hubby's favourite pastime up there
besides tinkering on the computer

The flowers up the highlands are always a joy to behold

'Bee caught taking a photo of me

Another must-visit place for us is the Boh tea plantation near Habu but this year we decided to try a new place so we went to the Bharat plantation instead since it was on our way down to Simpang Pulai. It was such a disappointment. The place was hot; there were plenty of flies and too many people polluting the air with their cigarette smoke. We're never going back there.

'Bee and I at the Bharat tea plantation

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