Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Than A Thermometer

Nowadays it's very hot, even in an air-conditioned room. I sit directly under the air-con so it's even worse me but nobody believes me whenever I complain of the heat.

I was determined to get a thermometer so I could garner proof that where I sit is warmer than the rest of the room.

A friend happened to be around when I mentioned in passing that I wanted to buy a thermometer. He stopped me and promised that he would give me one instead.

Here it is. As you can see I received more than a thermometer.

The thermometer shows the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.
See how it is where I'm sitting!

Give it a turn clockwise and, voila, it becomes a clock showing the date and time

Give it another turn and it's an alarm clock

One final turn and it becomes a timer

It's simply marvellous and I love it! Thanks, Peter.

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