Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dinner at Tarbush

Last Tuesday we went to Tarbush for a Middle Eastern dinner to celebrate Lillian's actual birthday. My sis is always adventurous and likes to try new things.

Floral design in mosaic adorned the tables

The lights above the couch we sat on

Special request to be seated at the couch
which is normally reserved for big groups

Since we don't know much about Middle Eastern cuisine, we just ordered a mixed appetizer and a mixed grill. When the food came we were so intrigued by the many strange and unfamiliar flavours that we started eating and forgot all about taking photos of the meal!

Anyway I could only remember two out of the many strange names. The chickpea hummus which tasted better than it looked - like some baby food - and the tabbouleh (sounds like tak boleh), a parsley salad with lemon juice and olive oil dressing that was so refreshing.

The mixed grill was delicious with pita bread and briyani. These people really know how to grill their meat. Thank God we did not order more 'cos the protions were huge.

After we had our fill, we ordered dessert to go with Arabian coffee for Lillian and mint tea for me.

Some sort of milky custard with pistachio nuts
that has a really sweet aroma

The baklava was a disappointment. It looks terrible
and I've tasted better elsewhere. It's sooo expensive too.

My mint tea is just any English tea
with our normal mint (poh ho in Hokkien) thrown in

The Arabian coffee was a really potent brew.
No wonder it was served in such tiny portions.


Cymru said...

Nice, will try this place. Hope Kenny enjoyed this... Haha...

Melsong said...

The man is not very adventurous when it comes to food.

BTW, do we know you?

Cymru said...

Of course you know me. The secret is out !!