Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Sis Turns Fifty

Lillian had always planned fantastic themed parties for her children on their birthdays when they were younger. She loves parties so it is only right that she should have a memorable 50th birthday bash. It was my joy to give my baby sis her heart's desire.

Her actual birthday is in March but her son Josh was leaving for Perth on 19 February so we fast-forwarded everything to 17 February.

17 February happened to be the 4th day of Chinese New Year so most of her friends were either busy, out of town or away on holiday but there were 11 of us to celebrate with her. We even had to compromise on the cake because the cake makers only started work on that day and they couldn't prepare a royal icing cake for her in time for lunch.

It was meant to be a surprise party for the birthday girl but, knowing my sis, no effort we put in could be on par with what she can do to transform an ordinary venue to something really spectacular. So we had no choice but to tell her so she can work her magic on the place.

The private room at Suffolk House after Lillian had worked her magic
with red feathers and her own floral centrepiece

The birthday girl looking gorgeous in red with her cake
festooned with feathers, glitter, berries and sparklers

All the ladies at the party

Singing our hearts out to "That's What Friends Are For"
We really Power-rotied on it!

The belly dancer hired by Wei Lin spiced things up.
The rest of us had loads of fun joining her.

A thank you from my baby sister

Pam and I after the party

My forever friend

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