Thursday, March 4, 2010

Always My Babee

How can I not worry when my babee is sick and there's nobody to take care of her?

It's times like this when I feel so helpless. Of course, there is nothing much that I can do even if I'm there with her but least I'm there.

Anyway, she'll probably get more rest without me hovering around, so this is just me being selfish. My being with her is more for me than it is for her.

As hubby says I have to learn to mother without smothering but that's so difficult 'cos my babee will always be my babee no matter how old she is.

And all I want is to just hold her close and yang-yang her. But the only thing I can do is pray for her.


ViveAlive said...

A Spanish Proverb says "An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy"

Melsong said...

Thanks, Vive.

I was watching the first episode of this season's Grey's Anatomy and I am comforted to know that my reactions are that of "a normal mother."