Monday, September 14, 2009

Pengkalan Hulu Trip (12 September 2009)

Last Saturday was our home cell's 6th anniversary.

Instead of the usual feasting we decided to be a blessing to the folks at Pengkalan Hulu instead.

We budgeted RM1,600 for the bus + food for the people + offering for the pastor but collected a total of RM1,900! God is so good.

That's me with Vatthira (left) and Junika (right).
They are sisters and are of Siamese descent.

This little kiddo stole our hearts.

The kiddo and his teenage mom. They marry at the age of 15!
We met one 41 year old lady
who is pregnant with her 13th child.

Pastor Low interpreting hubby's message on the salt of the earth

Pengkalan Hulu is situated on higher ground so
there are lovely flowers
due to the cooler climate.

That banner, at a Pasar Ramadhan in Baling town,
was a reminder to us that we were in unfamiliar territory

The famous Baling hills - Chin Peng's hideout


CHIO BI BI said...

Praise God for send His people to share His Love and Care in this remote place.

Melsong said...

I think we were more blessed than them.

ViveAlive said...

Looks like we have a good candidate to preach in our Sunday services!!!! :-D

Melsong said...

I sense a stirring in my spirit. God is moving in the midst of us so all things are possible.

ViveAlive said...

Amen...!!! I know something good will come out from this season that the church is going through.