Sunday, September 20, 2009

21st Century Mooncakes

The traditional ingredients for moon cakes used to be red bean paste, lotus paste, and mixed nuts, with the addition of a salted egg yolk or two for variety and additional flavour. Nowadays the bewildering array of flavours available is enough to make decision making a nightmare.

Flavours like green tea or pandan are still close to the traditional flavours. Tiramisu, mocha or chocolate are sweet and therefore still acceptable. But sambal udang?


I don't mind trying out these new flavours but not at my expense. I'll gladly accept if someone offers me a bite but don't expect me to spend more than RM10 on a mooncake just to test out some weird combination of flavours.

Flavours may come and go but I believe the traditional favourites will continue to be perennial best-sellers as long as there are people like me around. I always end up buying the white lotus paste single yolk variety, which is my all time favourite.

Strange and unfamiliar flavours aside, what I like best about mooncakes nowadays are their lovely packaging. In the past mooncakes are presented in a simple box illustrated with flowers or a fairy. Very predictable and boring.

These days the packaging can be converted into tissue boxes, toilet roll dispensers and even jewellery boxes. Other include a packet of tea, tea-cup or some other item as a gift set. For those who still maintain the square box, they have improved on their designs.

Since mooncake quality is about the same from shop to shop, every year we would make our choice of mooncake for distribution to our clients based on the packaging. This year we picked Kam Lun Thai.

See for yourself the simple and elegant design on the boxes.

A very pleasant orange box

Gray for the men

A very striking magenta on lime green

Even the paper bag is a keeper.
Note: The gift tag is by Ken Ray.

FYI, Jusco offers 10% discount for all J card members. A real good deal.

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