Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cannot Decide

Firefly, Aeroline, Plusliner or drive?

Firefly to and fro at the moment is RM419.80. Firefly to and Aeroline back is RM302.90. Aeroline to and fro is RM226.00. Haven't checked Plusliner yet but to and fro should be around RM160.

Money aside, driving down gives me flexibility in terms of time and I don't have to be stressed over people being late sending me to or picking me from the airport or bus station.

But then I may have to contend with heavy festive traffic even thought I am going against the flow of the balik kampung crowd.

Too many choices are also a problem.

Update at 6.40pm:

Firefly too expensive. Plusliner all sold out. Hubby against me driving down without him. That leaves Aeroline. Decision made.