Saturday, April 11, 2009

Not-So-Good Friday

Yesterday the day started off well. I read through Matthew chapters 26 and 27 in the morning and was humbled once again by what the Lord had done for me. I felt waves after waves of His love sweeping over and enveloping me. My heart just overflowed with love and gratitude for Him.

That was the pinnacle of my day. From then onwards it deteriorated.

We had material deadlines which we could not meet due to our client's sudden obsession for the nitty-gritty. We were asked to double the font size for the toll-free number which we did. When the artwork was submitted she claimed that it wasn't doubled.

We were baffled because we did double the point size so we asked her how she came to that conclusion. Believe it or not, she printed out the copy and measured the increase in size with a ruler!

The customer is always right so the ding-donging process for approval dragged on and on while we pleaded for extension after extension of the deadline. If deadlines are actually deadlines we would have died a number of times yesterday.

But you know what, His love carried me through. I thank God for drenching me in His love so I could face the day. It's still a Good Friday after all.

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