Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Have Visitors

The sole purpose of this blog is for me to post some random thoughts. I did not expect people to visit then tiba tiba I had two comments over the past two days!

Thank you, thank you for visiting.

Now I have to be more careful di. Cannot simply say things that may come back and haunt me in the future!


pamsong said...

Aisayyy. POPULAR LOH! I sket! Hahahaha.

the MUA said...

Hahahahhah! That's what happens when you enter the blogosphere Aunty Song!

Though... there IS an option in the security settings to only invite certain ppl to be able to view ur blog. =) Mebbe u wanna try dat to keep ppl like me away. =D

Melsong said...

Attn: pamsong

Not as popular as you la.

Attn: MUA

Why? Would you advise me to keep you out?