Thursday, April 30, 2009

Do You Know... (2)

...that the car owner loses his NCB when he makes a police report if the accident involves a motor-cyclist?

Here's how I found out this little snippet of information.

A few months ago my colleague met with an accident. A motor-cyclist who was weaving in and out of traffic hit the side window of her car. At that time she was waiting for the traffic lights to change so her car was stationary. Nevertheless, due to the impact the motor-cyclist flew and was almost run over by another on-coming car.

My colleague made a police report because there were three parties involved and the motor-cyclist was hurt. She then paid a few hundred ringgit to replace the side window (Honda spare parts are very pricey) because she did not want to lose her NCB. After all she was not in the wrong, right? Wrong!

Later, to her horror, she discovered that her NCB was canceled simply because the accident involved a motor-cyclist. It doesn't matter whether who is right or wrong. Once a police report is made and a motor-cyclist is involved the car owner loses his or her NCB. That is so unfair!

So if you're driving a car it is advisable for you to give all motor-cyclists a wide berth and pray that they don't come too near to you.

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