Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Clothes For Health

The other day hubby and I were at our favourite Malay tomyam stall for lunch. There were a number of Malay ladies there and all of them were obese. Hubby looked at them and commented that their clothes (baju kurung) were so shapeless that it was no wonder that they allowed themselves to get fat. They could get away with it!

Actually his observation is so true. Shapeless or loose clothes allow us to cover up our unsightly bulges so we happily pile on the weight and all the while we are endangering our health. But when you put on a pretty dress that shows off a less-than-perfect figure that'll trigger off alarm bells that, hey, you're on the slippery slope to obesity. The last straw that'll break a fully padded back is when someone asks you, "Are you pregnant?" That's when you know you're out of control.

So ladies, let's invest in some nice form fitting clothes - for our health's sake if not for vanity's sake! Haha!

But having said all that, exercising is easier said then done which is why most of us resort to the big cover up and let things slide. Sigh.

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