Saturday, June 16, 2012

Grandmother-to-be Learns to Make Bird's Nest Soup

I was only pregnant once and that was almost thirty years ago. So I cannot remember what I ate or what soups my mom or mom-in-law prepared for me to drink during my pregnancy. All I remember was taking Obimin and drinking milk.

Now that my 'bee is pregnant I had to go around consulting friends on what soups are good for her. I really thank God for Priscilla who is so knowledgeable and so generous to share her tips with me.

Not only did she teach me, she also packed the herbs for her daughter Melissa (another angel God sent our way) to bring down for Pam because I didn't have time to shop for them myself.

She taught me how to make bird's nest soup and is going to help me buy a stew pot to do that. That's my assignment for next weekend when my 'bee comes back.

However I am a very bad auditory learner so God in His wisdom sent further reinforcement through this blogger that I am following -

Just two days ago she posted on how to cook Bird's nest soup with picture and lots of tips as well. That certainly boosted my confidence. Isn't God amazing!

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