Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Doubly Satisfied

This year I really over-indulged in k'ngee chang smothered in the yummiest, pekat-est gula melaka syrup ever.

See the super pekat syrup! That's how I like the syrup.
Then, just as I thought that that's all the chang I'm going to enjoy this year, Priscilla gave me two of her homemade bak chang. I normally do not eat bak chang but I have to admit that I changed my mind after eating hers - they were spectacular!


Priscilla's bak chang. This photo does not do it justice : (
She added beans to the pulut and the whole dumpling was packed with the best of ingredients. She used lean pork, which is the only kind of pork we like, mushrooms, a whole chestnut and one whole salted egg yolk! This is undoubtedly the best bak chang I've ever tasted.

My too-dark photo of a "ho liau" bak chang
God granted me the desires of my heart, and more, through wonderful friends that He has blessed me with. Good friends are indeed one of the richest blessings that God can put in our lives.

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