Sunday, June 17, 2012

Good Friends And Good Food at Pantai Bersih

Yesterday we spent a lovely evening in the company of good friends, great friends, wonderful friends. Hubby and I decided we must do this more often.

The evening started off with a good seafood dinner at Pantai Bersih. Hubby managed to pay for dinner despite BA's valiant attempt to first pay a deposit with the proprietor.

After that we adjourned to Jusco at Bandar Perda for Starbucks coffee and cakes. The ladies who were more adventurous opted for the Red Bean with Green Tea and we loved it! But the cake in the same flavour tasted weird.

We went with: (clockwise from top left corner) Jessy and BA, Sathy and Vive, Vive's anak angkats Matthew, Joa Wee and Felicia, and Kee Lin with Joanne and their boys.

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