Sunday, June 22, 2008

East Xiamen Delicacies

Last week a friend brought us to this new place for lunch. Actually it's not new 'cos it has been around for some time but we've just not been adventurous enough to try it out. We were a bit wary given the fact that we don't even know where East Xiamen is.

We were pleasantly surprised that the food was delicious. According to this friend's friend who is a Teochew, this little place hidden away in a little corner in Love Lane, serves authentic Teochew fare. The portions are tiny so,
from that perspective, it is a bit pricey but worth it.

I ordered the yam rice. The fluffy yam pieces was lovely but we were delighted to see Ken's steamed rice served in the cutest little clay pot. We also had chai kueh which KL assured us was the best in town. Unfortunately, by the time they came, we were half-way through the meal and too busy eating, so no pics.

Have a look at our lunch spread.

That's Yam Rice on the left and the tiny, masak-masak pot of steamed rice.
In the background are Chai Por Omelette and Fish in Soya Sauce.

Fried fish in Soya Sauce

Crunchy and juicy Kailan.

Jiu Hu Char with fresh lettuce

There are so many interesting stuff in the shop. Even the menus are unusual. They come in the form of scrolls, at least I think they are supposed to be scrolls but they also look like rolling pins. So you turn the scrolls/rolling pins to pick the dishes of your choice from the pictures shown. I like it because I don't like surprises and would prefer to know what my order is going to look like.

Unusual menus.

The place itself has an olde worlde charm with antique lamps and they had creatively recycled old Singer sewing machine treadle stands for table legs! There are also framed antique stuff and paintings adorning the walls. These are for sale as are almost everything else in the shop, even the lamps. Maybe the tables as well, but not sure.

Antique lamps for sale

Creative use of recycled treadle machine stands. Note the old tiles on the floor.

Verdict: We shall return.

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