Sunday, June 1, 2008

Church Camp 2008

The venue, Cameron Highlands, was fine. Nice, cool weather was a welcome change after the hot spell down in the lowlands.

It's the accommodation that's the bummer. Mold on the wall gave the room a musty air and made the bedding smell. Checked on the other side of the wall and saw a patch of green, slimy Predator blood on the floor. Disgusting!

No hot water so we had to take our first cold baths in years. Then we found out that the heater had tripped. The bathroom light was working and the heater indicator light was on so it did not occur to us to reset the fuses
even though they were conveniently placed just above the light and heater switches. Sometimes must not be too clever, when things don't work simply flick any switches in sight.

Conclusion: Never stay at Star Regency Hotel and Apartments.

And the trip was horrendous. Jam all the way from Sg. Perak to Jelapang toll and jam again at Cameron Highlands. Trip from Brinchang to the turn off into the expressway to Simpang Pulai took more than an hour.

Conclusion: Never go to Cameron Highlands or anywhere that entails traveling by car along the NS Expressway during the school holidays.

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