Sunday, June 2, 2013

Grandma's Bragging Session

Warning! You are to enter a Grandma's bragging zone. Visitors run the risk
of turning green with envy.

I'm not allowed to post photos of my grandson on social media. Since blogs are considered part of the social media scene there won't be any photos of grandson even though a picture paints a thousand words. That's a pity 'cos my blog hardly commands any traffic at all.

Without the no-photo-on-social-media restriction I can assure you we would have uploaded a ton of photos for the world to see. Anyway, a post about the most adorable baby on earth would be quite meaningless without a photo so here's one of me carrying my precious grandson.

Haha, all you can see is his back! But that's better than nothing, right?

See his hair. He was born with a full head of hair. When we showed his photo to Hubby's nieces they went goo goo gaga over his hair; said that it was so "stylo" and asked us whether he used gel! What on earth were those girls thinking?

And he used to have golden streaks at the ends that looked like highlights. The highlights were snipped off when he had his hair-cut. :( Thank God they didn't shave him bald at Full Moon according to tradition.

The nieces, as did everyone else, also loved his eye-brows. Such thick, manly eye-brows! Many people have commented that his features are very "man". There's no way you can mistaken him for a girl.

Praise God, he is a happy baby with the most happy smile. And when he smiles dimples appear! Not just one, but two dimples. And when he laughs he really opens his mouth wide and his big eyes would disappear into slits. I am not the only one to notice that on such occasions the resemblance to my mom is uncanny.

Caden is also remarkably expressive. I've taken photos of him continuously and almost every photo manages to capture him with a different expression.

He also loves to talk. More so when he was younger. From the time when he was a month old he already could interact and verbalise as if he is having a conversation with you if you would talk to him.

And I love the times when he gets all excited and starts shouting, and flapping his arms and kicking his legs. Like a windmill! And oh yes, he's got such strong and sturdy legs. He loves to jump and always wants to stand up. In fact he managed to stand on his own when he was barely six months old! And that's before he could sit up or crawl.

One thing is for sure, the boy is an early developer and has been since he was born. When he was only 20 days old he kept rolling over onto his back whenever his mom put him lying faced down! I couldn't believe it until my daughter sent me a video proof. Isn't he simply amazing?

He also has a very strong grip. He doesn't just grab your finger. Once he has a hold on you he will start turning his wrist. Hubby says he'll make a good badminton player with such good wrist work and eye-hand coordination whereas his dad thinks he should be a tennis player. Que sera sera, maybe he'll end up being a swimmer or footballer.

Look at those busy fingers! He is always grabbing and feeling things even while while he's feeding.

It is very clear that I love my grandson to bits. Every single bit of him from head to toe.

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