Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Few Hours With Grandson

The sale has started! So on off to Pumpkin Patch we went. Por Por raided the patch and Grandson went home with a new set of clothes and 2 bibs.

The sales staff offered wrapping service and he used a gift box that says, "You are a STAR!" Isn't that just sooo appropriate?

I also bought 2 packets of teething biscuits for him which he didn't really know how to enjoy as yet. He was more interested in bashing the biscuit on the baby chair than in feeding himself.

Presents from Por Por and Kung Kung for our little prince

As if that is not enough, Grandson collected another present over lunch. This time from the lady at Passions of Kerala.

He must have charmed her so much that she came over to our table and unwrapped a cute little duckie for him to play with.

I forgot to take a photo of the duckie so here's a shot that has been cropped from a photo taken from a video of Grandson playing with the duckie. As usual there is only limited exposure of his chubby arms and fingers here due to privacy issues.

My other photos of him playing with the duckie were all blur 'cos his arms were flying all over the place. Non-stop movement like a windmill!

And he wasted no time in putting the duckie in his mouth. Either he is unable to differentiate between food and non-food items or the duckie must have tasted better than the biscuits!

Those few hours passed by so quickly. Cannot wait to see him, cuddle him and have him in my arms again.

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