Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ang Zhao Mee Suar & Other Side Dishes

A few weeks ago Baby Sis organised a dinner for a group of us at Lynn's kitchen (not sure if there's a proper name for the place), which is located at 22 Padang Victoria Green.

Lynn Teoh is a painter specialising in Chinese ink painting as well as water colour and oil painting. Cooking is her hobby and her specialty is Ang Zhau Mee Suar or Red Yeast Wine with Rice Vermicelli.

The table nicely set up for the 16 of us. Those beautiful place mats are laminated copies of Lynn's paintings.

A cup of cold herbal plum juice that Lynn had brewed that day to start off our meal. Love it! So delicious and really refreshing.

Lynn's signature dish - Red Yeast Wine Chicken served with Amoy Flour Vermicelli. You may choose to have bee hoon instead of the mee suar (flour vermicelli).

This is pumpkin dumpling yen-pi and meat balls, a Hock Chiew speciality.

This is a Hakka dish called "shin pun zhi". The little discs are made from yam and tastes fantastic despite its unimpressive appearance. Four of us were supposed to share each serving of side dishes but I ate more than my share of this!

Everyone had high praises for the Pork Chop Noodles. We couldn't understand how it could be so tasty when it looked so plain. I don't know about the rest but I actually preferred this dish to the Ang Zhao Mee Suar. The crunchy pork chop had been marinated with red yeast wine and then fried. Delicious!

The complimentary red yeast wine tasted horrible.

Our meal costs RM18 per pax excluding the plum juice, which costs RM5 per 500ml bottle, and the wine.

Lynn serves lunch but reservation is required for dinner (min. 16 pax). Parking is available inside her compound subject to availability of space.

For reservations please call Lynn Teoh at 012-757 7909 or 016-430 3868.

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