Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Doting Grandma Syndrome

You know you have a bad case of Doting Grandma Syndrome when...

...you are watching Superman and you are immediately reminded of your grandson striking a similar pose. The outstretched arms and clenched fists was Grandson's favourite pose when he was younger and we would label it as his Superman pose.

...you plot and scheme to see him very time he is nearby - nearby being anywhere within a 100 km radius. Doting Grandmas have to resort to such shenanigans because Grandpas are not similarly affected and will put a stop to the madness.

...you take countless photos of him and find it hard to deleted a single one (even the blurry ones) because every photo captures him with a different expression. I cannot present any photo proof here but I can honestly say that Grandson has the most expressive face ever! His Jewel Ee Ee says that he has the widest range of expressions for a baby.

...you totally, unabashedly and most sincerely believe that he is the most wonderful baby in the whole wide world. This biased view is definitely the clearest manifestation of the Doting Grandma Syndrome, but don't judge me. I am just honest enough to admit it while most people prefer to be politically correct.


Grace said...

you're so cute :) hope you can see your grandson more often!!

Melsong said...

Yes, Grace. I always look forward to seeing him. Simply cannot have enough of him.