Friday, May 24, 2013

TOP Family Camp 2013

It's been a long, long time since we attended a church family camp. We missed the most recent one that was held two years ago at Kampar because it coincided with the wedding of one of our senior staff at KRPG.

I was so excited at the prospect of going away for camp that I woke up bright and early this morning. Macam budak kecil!

Unfortunately Hubby was not as enthusiastic and so it was 11am by the time we left the house.

We thought of going to the corner coffee shop near our office for breakfast but changed our mind at the thought of battling the Vesak Day crowds and traffic at the many temples in the vicinity.

But that also meant that the fish in the office aquarium will have to go hungry for two days. Poor fella! Anyway we eventually ended up at Old Town White Coffee at Precinct 10 for breakfast.

Our breakfast. The French Toast hasn't arrived yet.

During breakfast Hubby received an sms from Pastor Gideon reminding him to be sure to pack a long sleeved shirt and a tie to wear for the Board installation at the camp. He had forgotten and so we had to return home to pack his shirt and tie.

After that we had a stop at the petrol station to fill up and finally, we got on to the bridge at 12:30pm.

The journey was fast and at Taiping Hubby opted for lunch at Yut Sun Restaurant along Jalan Pasar. Thank you, Alvin Tan for the recommendation. Hubby really liked the food there.

The vegetables were lightly fried. Tasty without being salty. The Inche Kabin was well-fried without any blood oozing out of the bones. Yucky!

The only thing missing was the Worcestershire Sauce. How can you serve Inche Kabin without the ang mor tau eu!

The owner's collection of key-chains

One thing I noticed: there were Malays among the customers! Obviously they had no qualms about eating at a pork-free establishment even though the menu is not halal-certified.

This is the true 1Malaysia spirit. How unlike the rhetoric we hear from our leaders that are seldom, if not never, translated into reality.

We finally checked into the hotel at 3pm. And now it's nap time!

Nice compact room that reminds me of Cititel in KL

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