Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Mother's Day this year has been extra special for me.

First of all, it is 'Bee's first Mother's Day as a new mom. I don't know about her but I was overwhelmed by a wealth of emotions the first time I celebrated Mother's Day as a mother.

Secondly, today is also my first Mother's Day as a grandmother and I was privileged to receive a bouquet from the church!

A simple bouquet for a new grandmother

What a nice change it was from giving bouquets to the oldest grandmother or the mother with the most children. With those criteria the results are so predictable and we always end up with the same people "qualifying" for the gifts every year.

The third thing I am thankful for was having lunch with 'Bee, grandson, son-in-law and his parents. The significance of Mother's Day is greatly diminished without the presence of loved ones who make the day meaningful.

And fourthly, I really like the gift the church gave the mothers this year.

An umbrella is definitely more practical and less perishable than the potted plant we received last year. The poor plant did not survive long under my lack of care.

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