Friday, May 10, 2013

Guess Who Went To The Polls

Besides Hubby, 'Bee and me, Grandson came along too!

See the little footie and the chubby toes! Geram nye!
Grandson had to come along because he's a fully breast-fed baby and we weren't sure how long the whole process would take. 

We were told to turn early on polling day so we dutifully presented ourselves at Hun Bin School at 9am. Normally we would have a leisurely breakfast before making our way to cast our votes around noon or later. There would be very few people around that time. 

By the time we arrived we found a huge crowd milling around the school at 9am. Everyone was very kiasu this year. 

Hubby and I were in Saluran 3 whereas 'Bee was in Saluran 5 so we had to separate. The wait for our turn to vote was almost an hour and the sun was beating down on all of us lined up along the corridors. Hubby and I were hot and sweaty by the time we finished even though we were armed with an umbrella and a fan. Once we had finished our duty as a citizen we immediately went over to Saluran 5. 

We found Grandson fast asleep and 'Bee just getting ready to step into the voting room so she passed him to us.

We are so proud of the little fella. He cooperated fully to enable his mom to vote...didn't cry at all despite the discomfort from the heat and the long wait. 

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