Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Western Spices Goes The Second Mile

While everyone else had cake for dessert, Chef Nick Lau served me Poached Red Wine Pear with Ice-Cream & Sauce. Yay!

A special dessert for the birthday girl
 One of my guests made a boo-boo that night. He forgot that he had ordered Salmon and ate Chicken instead. Poor Hubby, who ordered Chicken, was left with no main course. When we asked them to prepare another plate of Chicken for him, the waitress told us that we had to take away the extra Salmon. :(

At the end of the meal, Chef Nick came over to tell us that we don't have to pay for the extra Salmon because it won't taste good takeaway. How nice of him! What great PR!

I definitely recommend Western Spices if you are looking for a nice place to have a dinner party. There's also a singer to provide nice life music...and you can watch live games, if you want to.

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