Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birthday Celebrations 2012 - Part 3...At Western Spices

When I planned this party I didn't know that the whole of Malaysia would be glued to their television sets on the night of 5 August 2012 watching Dato' Lee Chong Wei face his nemesis Lin Dan at the finals of the Olympic Badminton Men's Singles. Such great timing :(

At first I was quite upset that he was stealing the limelight but I figured that since you can't beat them you might as well join them. So I posted the following birthday wish on Path

and Facebook.

Sometimes it is amazing how things fall into place. I didn't know and never expected Western Spices to be showing the badminton finals live but they did. You can imagine Hubby's delight when he walked in and saw the tv screen.

Half the night was spent following the game and we were so caught up with the excitement that we even came up with an impromptu cheer: Dato'...Lee Chong Wei, Don't Let...China Win!

Actually Dato' Lee was doing very well in the third set until the singer started to sing a Chinese song, her one and only Chinese song for the night. Call it coincidence or what, but after that, China gained the upper hand. I was so sad for our champion when he lost after putting up such a good fight. 

Anyway, dinner was served. The set dinner came with Ebiko Scallop for appetizer, Onion Soup, and a choice of Main Course, ranging from steak to chicken. Dessert was cake of the day which turned out to be Tiramisu Cake although some of us were served Sesame Cake instead.

Stinco di Agnello, or oven-braised lamb shank, was my choice for the main course.
Of course no birthday party is complete without a birthday cake so I ordered my favourite White Chocolate Macadamia Cake from Secret Recipe. It was such a disappointment - not the cake, which was delicious, but the decoration, which was terrible.

They only piped "Blessed Birthday" on the cake as per my instructions and that's it! And the handwriting was horrible. I expressed my dissatisfaction, "Macam mana mahu tangkap gambar. Kek ini begitu botak! Bubuhlah sedikit bunga."

So they stuck on some cheapo and garish multi-coloured plastic flowers – the type that look like floating candles but much smaller. I said "No" and demanded that they pipe some flowers on the cake instead.

Then, believe it or not, they asked ME to pipe the flowers myself because they couldn't do it! Never, ever buy your cakes from Secret Recipe, Straits Quay.

I had no choice but to ask Baby Sis to bring some fake flowers to stick on the cake. This is not the first time that she had to rescue my birthday cake from disaster. Maybe I should take up cake decorating and do it myself next time.

The cake after the last-minute rescue operation
Cake-cutting is always a fun affair
The theme for this year's birthday is Beautifully Blue inspired by the grandson I'm going to have end of this year. Everyone obliged and came dressed in some shade of blue.

A group photo before we called it a night
That's enough of the blues, the theme for next year's birthday party shall be...

Shocking Pink!

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