Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tupperware Mania

Tupperware mania is sweeping through Ken Ray. I yielded to temptation and bought this item yesterday because unlike normal Tupperware this item is microwaveable, albeit at not more than 1 minute per session.

The item was also on offer and comes with a handy carry bag and a set of fork and spoon. When the set arrived its fresh green colour totally captivated everyone at the office.

They were also green with envy 'cos the colour of the set they bought earlier wasn't as attractive and it didn't come with a carry bag.

So that was a good purchase although I don't think I'll have an immediate use for them now.

On the other hand they'll be perfect to pack meals away from home when my grand babies come along.


Pam Song said...

Grandbabies??? What grandbabies? =p

Melsong said...

My coming-soon grandbabies.

Pam Song said...

You got other kids meh? =p

Melsong said...

Only one so that one must know what to do la.:)

Pam Song said...

*pretend act dunno*