Monday, March 19, 2012

Bombed Evening

We wanted to celebrate Baby Sis' birthday (again) with Macaroni Pie and Bombe Alaska at Yeng Keng Cafe.

You can imagine how devastated we were when the chef told us that the staff who was supposed to place the order for the Macaroni pie forgot to do so. This pie requires a minimum 4 hour pre-order so
we requested for and was given a substitute dish, Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Sauce.

We also ordered the Choon Pneah. It was excellent and that made up a wee bit for our disappointment over the Macaroni Pie.

However, our main agenda for the evening was to try the Bombe Alaska. Alas it too was a disappointment!

In the first place the meringue was smooth. We always like peaks on the meringue. Secondly there was no finesse in using a blow torch at the dining table. We found the experience very scary. Thirdly, taste wise the cake used in the filling was too dry. We won't be back for more.

Clockwise from top right: The Bombe Alaska looking pale, the flambe session commences, ready to serve, birthday girl cutting the Bombe Alaska with Coffee Lee looking on, digging into the Bombe Alaska
Fortunately they were smart enough to charge us for only one portion of grilled chicken with mushroom sauce instead of the two that they served. Then they gave us a 10% discount on the bill.

We shall return, but only for the macaroni pie. See picture below taken last week when we brought our cousin from Ipoh to try out Yeng Keng's Hainanese cuisine.
Macaroni Pie on the left and the yummy serving on the right

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