Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lillian's Birthday at Brussels

We had a sisters' night out to celebrate Lillian's birthday. We decided to go to Brussels at Paragon. We were told that the food there is good and that there was a certain wine that is sweet and very suitable for ladies.
First time we stepped foot into a beer cafe
We were a bit sket but the place didn't look the least bit dodgy. We were reassured when we saw a family eating inside.

We didn't know how to order so we sought help from the waiter. We finally ordered a Pumpkin Soup, Brussels' Summer Fruit Salad and a Pork Knuckle. The waiter was so kind. He told us that half a knuckle would be more than enough for both of us and it was.

Deciding on the drink was another problem because we know nothing about wine or beer. We tried but couldn't identify the wine my friend recommended because she couldn't tell us what it is called. So we simply picked one and ended up ordering Timmermans Strawberry Lambic which was surprisingly good.

Our dinner. The salad was my favourite dish.

Birthday girl with her beer and a bit of port knuckle, I think.
After dinner we waited for the fountain show and imagined we were in Brussels!
My senget-senget photos of the fountain

And ended the night chatting over some minty mocha drink from Pacific Coffee.
Birthday girl happily enjoying the magazines at Pacific Coffee

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