Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Farewell for Jewel

23 February was Jewel's last day in Penang and so her mom organized a lunch for all of us at China House.
At China House. Clockwise starting from L: Raymond, Eugene, Lillian, Jewel and I. Behind the camera is Kenny.
We said our farewells and thought that that would be the last we would see of her until she comes back in September.

Then something came up and her dinner with her Dad was canceled. So we were given another opportunity to spend more time with her. Of course, her Khai Yeh was ecstatic with joy to have another go at harassing her with questions that tie her up in knots.

Somehow his questions always seem to corner her and when she cannot answer anymore she'll give her trademark "I don't know." That would make him laugh which would in turn make her blush. And that's mission accomplished for the Khai Yeh!

The expression on Jewel's face here is priceless!
The happy, carefree, stress-free look she has on here speaks volumes.
And the reward for her long-suffering was Pulut Mango!
Note: All the photos look different because they were imported from two different iPhones after being tweaked using different apps. That's our latest pastime.

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