Thursday, August 8, 2013

Birthday Party at Kebaya on 2 August 2013

I must say a big " THANK YOU" to Baby Sis for planning such a lovely (and early) birthday party for me at Kebaya, 7 Terraces.

From left to right: Dr Peter "Dragon" Ong, Soo Fun, me, Baby Sis & Jewel

We were delighted to receive a complimentary bottle of red wine from Chris Ong, the proprietor. We think it's because we took the trouble to dress up in our kebayas to match the name of his restaurant, Kebaya.

Birthday girl enjoying her glass of wine

And the pianist was playing throughout dinner and so we had wine, women and song...what a combination!

Then came the food. For starters we had Ban Xeo and Otak-Otak in Puff Pastry.

I think that it was such a splendid idea to just bake the fish in pastry and serve it with the Otak-Otak sauce as accompaniment. The result was fantastic!

For the man meal we had rice served with (clockwise from top left) Sambal Goreng, Vegetable Tempura, Veal in Red Curry and Sashimi Grade Scallops Gado-Gado Style.

The veal was beautifully cooked to perfection and complimented with crunchy bamboo shoots. And the Gado-Gado was superb. These two were the specialty dishes for the night and we had no regrets opting for them over the regular dishes on the menu.

And for dessert we had (clockwise from left) Blue Tang Yuen, Gula Melaka Mousse and Passion Fruit Panna Cotta.

We stuck a candle on the Gula Melaka Mousse and, voila!, it was transformed into my birthday cake.

My first birthday cake this year. Isn't it pretty?

A photo before we sang "Happy birthday"

Another photo with Baby Sis and Jewel

At the end of dinner we has another surprise. A mysterious someone (dunno who) had already settled the bill. What a blessing! Thank you, Lord!

That's my first birthday party for this year. Looking forward to birthday party no. 2. 

Note: A special big THANK YOU to Soo Fun for the use of her photos. 

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